Pure Collagen Dipeptide, the best of collagen for skin rejuvenation.
Solve the problem of dull skin, dehydrated skin, dull skin, not bright
To come back alive, full of water, radiant, looking healthy from the inside.


Collagen peptide

Collagen peptide mainly have four functional functions: the first is the beauty from the inside to the outside, which has effects on the skin’s smoothness, elasticity and moisturizing; the second is the local care effect, such as skin care, hair care, armor, etc .; The third is bone and joint health, the effect on bone density and strength, the joint strength, pain and swelling; the fourth is sports nutrition, collagen peptide are a source of protein, for muscle regeneration

Advantages of biological enzymolysis : after enzymolysis, it is easy for human body to absorb nutrients. The protein in fish glue is hydrolyzed by protease to form peptide and amino acid, which makes the product easier to absorb and has higher nutritional value. Reduce allergies. Some macromolecular proteins in fish glue will cause allergic reaction, and the macromolecular proteins that cause allergic reaction will be hydrolyzed into small molecular proteins or polypeptides through enzymatic hydrolysis, so as to eliminate allergens, improve food safety and nutritional value of products. According to the structural characteristics of type I collagen in Tilapia scales, we adopted the following special technical scheme for enzymolysis.

In 2017, a clinical trial in France verified that oral administration of collagen peptide 10g / day for 56 days can significantly improve skin elasticity, strength and moisturizing type. From the current clinical literature, the use of 2.5 grams to 10 grams will help the skin, wrinkles, moisturizing.

General collagen is a large molecular fibrinogen with a relative molecular weight of up to 300,000 Dalton. It cannot be directly absorbed by people after digestion. It needs to be digested into small molecular peptide or free amino acids to be absorbed by the body. The effect is very low, only about 2.5%. Collagen dipeptide is a small molecule peptide formed from collagen after biological protease treatment just weight 189 Dalton, It’s usually  float on water surface not like general peptide and Tripeptide (2000 Dalton) it’s often to fall through bottom not soluble  for this point Collagen Dipeptide after being eaten by the human body, it can be effectively absorbed and utilized, and the absorption rate can reach more than 90%. It has higher efficacy than collagen peptide

Result when drinking everyday

East to drink ,No fishy

3 Days
Soft touch and moisture

7 Days
Nourishing skin

2 Weeks
Brighten skin, improving  dark spots, acne ,acne scars and pore

1 Month
improving hair, nail, bone and joint, bone

3 Months
Glass skin ,shrink pores, and make the skin tight and elastic

6 Months
10 grams per day, and the period of taking is 12 to 24 weeks, which is helpful for the health of bones and joint pain