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Dji assistant 2 windows 10

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Zenmuse H20N. Zenmuse H20 Series. Zenmuse P1. Zenmuse L1. DJI Dock. DJI FlightHub 2. DJI Flight Simulator. Mobile SDK. Payload SDK. Onboard SDK. DJI X-Port. Cendence Remote Controller. Learn About All Enterprise Solutions. Agras Comparison. Learn about all components. RoboMaster S1. RoboMaster EP. Any help would be appreciated, Marcus A. I have to say, it’s more than a little unsettling that something as straightforward as this is wrong Finally figured this out and so thought I should post the solution.

Once driver signature checking was disabled, the Assistant 2 SW installed. Better yet, the app worked as it should. It recognized both my Mavic Air 2, and the Controller. Also a hat tip to Scott This link shows how to get around this: MarcusA – Glad you got it working! Either way you sir, are a gent for taking the time. I appreciate your help. Is it me or does it not seem a wee bit shite that we pay huge amounts of money for something which does its job fabulously but then seems to come up short on the whole editing and sharing software.

I am on about DJI, not you!!! Mavic Series. RC Series. Spark Series. Phantom Series. RoboMaster Series. DJI Avata Series. Osmo Series. Matrice Series. Zenmuse Series. Ronin Series. Inspire Series. Agras Series. Flight Controllers Series. Propulsion Systems Series. ESCs Series. Software Services Series. Using this utility you can connect various joysticks to the computer and reassign their buttons.

It is possible to create several profiles for different programs. This package is necessary for the correct functioning of various Canon scanners. This system component is required for the correct functioning of various Kodak printers.

Additionally, there are tools for designing calendars, cards and brochures. With this tool , users are able to automatically download and install driver updates.



Dji assistant 2 windows 10


It is possible to create several profiles for different programs. This package is necessary for the correct functioning of various Canon scanners. This system component is required for the correct functioning of various Kodak printers. Additionally, there are tools for designing calendars, cards and brochures.

With this tool , users are able to automatically download and install driver updates. Moreover, they have the option to view the version and status of each component. This software contains system drivers for various models of Microsoft LifeCam web cameras. It is required for the correct functioning of the hardware. There are tools for connecting to password-protected networks. Add comment. I am sure that many of the problems I have seen discussed could have been remedied with the newest support versions.

I was at, least, able to activate the Goggles with the newest I think version of Assistant 2. Still working on the no video from drone issue.

Baby steps. And I do not have an Osmo mobile as shown in my avatar. Maybe they are planning to send me one since I am such a nice guy. No idea why it is showing that instead of an Air and Goggles. Gregs77 Offline. B1houdini Offline. This has been a problem with others. Hope it helps. MitchAG Offline. I DID make the unsigned driver change, and installed as “admin. Tried the win10 dji usb drivers, too – no luck there, also.

SparksBird Offline. Aardvark Offline. Nancy SEO Offline. Go figure. It’s an HP problem. I don’t have the bandwidth to deal with it right now, so as long as the Lenovo behaves, I’ll just deal.

Funny though, how one laptop wireless card goes bonkers, but the other doesn’t. Pissed Offline. This is BS, I just spent over a thousand dollars on a mavic pro bundle and the RC will not connect to the drone out of the box. The assistant app will not install on Windows PC. Mac is not the prefered PC platform for most people.

I asked for a refund and return from Amazon. Is there a fix for this yet, DJI? It would appear the plans are to deprecate the software since no updates are planned as indicated, but we still need it to run things you cannot run on the Go app like visual distance calibration.

That is not in the Go app. Advanced Bold Text Color Upload. You need to log in before you can reply Login Register now. Safe mode on Windows 10??????????????????? See what Nees said below Gustave Offline Gustave lvl. Yes it should be. Any other ways..? Completely uninstall DJI Assistant 2, perform the “Disable driver signature enforcement” steps mentioned by Nees, more details here option 2.

I have the Same Issue, I have followed all the steps, I have also gone and placed it in safe mode, 1 time it asked me about the trusted person with the drivers, but still does not leave the screen how to install inspire. GreekGuy72 Offline GreekGuy72 lvl. I have attached the screen shot. If the drivers are correctly installed, you will not see this screen when the aircraft is connected to the PC. If you like, PM me your email so we can chat properly, this forum lacks live notifications.

I get the same screen indicating inspire 2 but I can launch into the gui and see my mavic values but I cannot get into dev mode when I modify the main. My issue was my laptop is from work with win 10 and it is locked down on certain services and actions. Found this out installing hardware for other purposes. Modified the file and it works great! Fabro Offline Fabro lvl. LP Yes, I tried all the combination, could it be something with W10? DJI Lightbridge Assistant.

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How to download and install Windows 10 Creators Update.


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Credit Rules Jump to the last page. Login Register. Uploading and Loding Picture See attached error Twitter Facebook Favorite 1 Like 2. Windows 10 Blocked. Use props. DJI Paladin Offline. Super Moderator. Hi there, my apologies for the inconvenience. Our designated team is aware of this concern and we are currently working on it. As of the moment, if you have a different computer that you can use, I would suggest you try Mac or Windows 7 or 8 PC. Again, sorry for all the trouble and I appreciate your patience and support.

Thank you. StacyRaiford Offline. StacyRaiford Posted at This is costing me money. My drone is grounded and I am missing work. DJI has really dropped the ball onthis one. HH1 Offline. DJI Paladin – nice to see your mention about an update, you are on top of things. Thank you, I had the same thing happen. KlooGee Offline. MadisonAreaDroneService Offline. You can get around this for now, but you will have to change the Windows registry to allow the download and subsequent program usage to work.

To understand how to change this value, do the following: Click Start, and then click Run. Change this to 0 and exit. Next, you will need to restart your PC for the changes to take effect. Then, go the DJI site, download the Assistant 2 program again, and you should be able to use the program after a successful install.

Hopefully DJI gets this sorted out soon. Sounds like a recent Windows update may have triggered this. Good luck. AlCON Offline. Im having the exact same problem installing DJI Assistant. DJI is spying on users and that is why it is blocked.

Be very careful not to allow DJI to access your system. Thudd Offline. First Officer. Same problem. I personally will not disable any security features to enable any software to install. DJI needs to get their drivers signed. Tried another computer Win 8.

MadisonAreaDroneService Posted at You can get around this for now, but you will have to change the Windows registry to allow the download and subsequent program usage to work. Hurley Offline. Hi, I’ve also encountered the same frustrating issue and I found this solution which may help you all, give it a go and let me know as it worked every time for me Windows Rename the application file without spacing example: DJIAssistant2 3.

Go into your Start bar and type Command Prompt, then right-click and run as administrator. Now type the following and press enter: start DJIAssistant2. Let’s hope DJI sort this issue out promptly!

Im glad I decided to buy a used DJI and not new. I cant calibrate vision sensors with the drone, or with the software and now I cant even ope the software!!!! For sale Phantom 4 Pro with 3 batts and charger. Yep, it’s totally screwed up everything of mine and it angers me that a company should continually have these issues with their software and it does bring up the possibility of spying. Well, this “upgrade” has made my Mavic 2 Pro totally unfunctional.

I can’t believe DJI would not test and make sure this would not work on Windows And, yes I did the suggested Registry changes mentioned, none of them worked other than letting me download the app after removing it from my PC.

It’s ridiculous that they suggest finding a Apple Product. I’ve tried with on two PC’s and frankly I’m not looking for one with antiquated Windows 8, even that suggestion is pure incompetence and dumb. Fix problem, these pop up all too often and that should have been address by this company months ago. You need new folks in our Software Development and need to fire a few. Morawka Offline.

I can’t update my DJI goggles either. Both DJI assistant apps are unsigned now. Vendex Offline. Please disable smartscreen option and try again. Renames Offline. Second Officer. This is a result of the most recent windows 10 update roled out. The only way to fix this is the reg fix listed above.

M and C Offline. We have tried every fix mentioned above thank you anyway with no luck. Drone is unflyable until DJI sort this out. Simag Offline. JPilotR Offline. You can also just activate your admin account and run it from there. That is what my recourse has been: To enable the Windows 10 administrator account do the following note: this works in older versions of Windows as well : Tap on the Windows-key.

This should open the start menu or bring you to the Start Screen interface depending on how Windows 10 is configured on the system. Type cmd and wait for the results to be displayed. Right-click on the Command Prompt result cmd. Alternatively, hold down the Shift-key and the Ctrl-key before you start cmd. Run the command net user to display a list of all user accounts on the system. You should see Administrator listed as one of the accounts.

Check the spelling and that you are in an elevated command prompt interface if you get error messages. A little less tedious than constantly opening the cmd prompt.

This way you only do it once. You can also password protect the admin account: The administrator account is active after you run the commands mentioned above which means that you can sign in to the system using it. It is not password protected by default which means that anyone with local access to the system can use it to sign in to it. While that is comfortable, it may also be a security risk.

It is highly recommended to protect it with a password. You get a password prompt. Type the desired password and again when you are asked to type it a second time for confirmation. Chains Offline. Crazy they still haven’t fixed this! Still not fixed. Thousands of pounds worth of Matrice stuck on the ground and DJI can’t fix their assistant.

This is why the film industry has no respect for DJI. Yes the issues was understanding.. Keule Offline. Keule Posted at On Mar. Yes looking for an update on this please?